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Haymitch Abernathy – A “paunchy, middle-aged man” who was the victor of the 50th Hunger Games. Since winning made him independently wealthy, he has spent almost all of his intervening leisure intoxicated to the point of embarrassment. Being the only surviving Hunger Games champion from District 12 (there were only two, so far), Haymitch acts as a mentor for Peeta and Katniss before they enter the Games, as he has for every couple in the twenty-five years since his own victory. He is often sarcastic and drunk as well as anything but sober, which Katniss finds highly irritating. However, when pushed, he emerges as the pair’s greatest advocate and shows himself to be highly canny as he guides his protégés in a cleverly designed, highly unorthodox strategy aimed at securing the survival of both tributes.

I need to know who is Cinna ;_;


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So Haymitch trended on twitter last night, apparently.

I had no clue, I was asleep when it happened, but it apparently did happen. 



The Official Hunger Games Cast


The Districts

Katniss Everdeen:

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Haymitch Abernathy:

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Ceasar Flickerman:

Seneca Crane:

Mrs. Everdeen

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